Control which traffic gets sent over the VPN

VPN split tunneling allows you to send some of your internet traffic through a VPN connection while other traffic maintains direct access to the internet.

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Vilfo router supports VPN split tunneling

Why do I need split tunneling?

When connected to a VPN on ordinary routers, all internet traffic from all devices will be sent through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

That's great for protecting your data from hackers and ensuring your privacy online - but it can also cause a lot of issues:

  • You can't access Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services because they block your VPN provider
  • You can't play any games online because the VPN increases your latency
  • You can't access foreign and local web services at the same time
  • You can't have multiple simultaneous VPN connections

With Vilfo, you can get the best of both worlds. Vilfo supports split tunneling, which means you can:

  • Send all traffic over the VPN except for specific websites, allowing you to access streaming services that have blocked your VPN provider
  • Send all traffic over the VPN except traffic to certain ports, allowing you to play computer games
  • Decide which devices should be connected to the VPN and which shouldn't be
  • Be connected to 10 different VPN servers simultaneously, so you can decide which devices should be connected to which VPN server

Decide which devices should be protected

Vilfo's group feature allow you to decide exactly which devices should be protected and which shouldn't.

Let some devices be connected to a VPN server and some access the internet directly. You decide - Vilfo delivers the split tunneling.

Bypass specific websites

Some websites rigorously block IP addresses that VPN providers use.

This requires you to disconnect from your VPN provider just to access those websites, meaning all other traffic is also left unprotected.

Vilfo offers a better solution. Decide exactly which websites should be unprotected - while still protecting everything else.


Bypass specific ports

Keep your devices connected to a VPN server, but send all traffic that goes to certain ports over your ordinary connection.

Perfect if you play computer games and don't want to play with increased latency and lag - but still want to protect all other internet traffic.

Ten simultaneous VPN connections

Besides being able to bypass the VPN for some devices, Vilfo's group feature allow you to be connected to ten different VPN servers - simultaneously.

Let some devices be connected to one country, and some to another. You decide - Vilfo delivers.