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Stay protected online. Use your favorite VPN provider.

Vilfo for Business

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Vilfo router
Vilfo Router

Powerful hardware that encrypts VPN traffic up to 1 Gbit/s.

Vilfo software
Vilfo OS

Install Vilfo OS on your own router/hardware.

Why Vilfo?

VPN Providers

Use any of 24 integrated VPN providers

Split tunneling

Control which traffic gets sent over the VPN connections


Know what happens in your network


Stream content from anywhere — everywhere

Parental control

No more conflicts over bedtimes or dinners

Browser extension

The Vilfo extension makes your life easier


Stay protected while having an optimal gaming experience

More to come...

Check the roadmap for upcoming improvements

Media assets

Learn how to use the Vilfo brand assets with these guidelines.

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About us

Vilfo is created by the team behind, but is an entirely independent company. Years ago, we started the development of a product called OVPNbox — which was a router based on pfSense.

We learned a lot by building OVPNbox, and several lessons were tough. Vilfo is the result of all that learning.

Pre-orders were shipped in May 2018.

Vilfo logo
The original Vilfo logo should be used whenever possible. The white logo version should only be used on dark or busy backgrounds.
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Press materials

Vilfo hardware and screenshots
Images of the Vilfo hardware as well as screenshots from the user interface.
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Media contacts

For media inquiries, please email us at or use the contact form. You can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.