About Vilfo

Vilfo is created by the team behind OVPN.com, but is an entirely independent company. Years ago, we started the development of a product called OVPNbox - which was a router based on pfSense.

We learned a lot by building OVPNbox, and several lessons were tough. Vilfo is the result of all that learning.

The software for Vilfo is being released to OVPNbox owners in January 2018. Their feedback and experience will be the basis on further improvements until we expect to ship all pre-orders in April 2018.

Vilfo AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The team consists of Alexander Koval, Alexander Efremov, Andy Tsymbal, Tamas Szabo, Maximilian Holm, Ruben Rehn & David Wibergh.


Delivery of OVPNbox v1

The predecessor of Vilfo, OVPNbox v1, was shipped to customers in May 2015. It was based on pfSense and ran on a Shuttle DS61.


OVPNbox v2 was released!

Containing a lot of improvements and better hardware we released OVPNbox v2 to the world. Almost a thousand units were sold to OVPN.com customers.


Start working on Vilfo prototype

We went through about 20 different designs. This was one of the final designs we played with.

Beta release of Vilfo for OVPNbox testers

Onboarded the first OVPNbox customers to beta test the Vilfo software.

Release 23 November

Decided on a design

The final product design was selected and CAD models were created to be able to create the first prototypes.

Received the first prototype

With great affection we were able to hold Vilfo in our hands for the first time.

Featured on ProductHunt

To our great surprise, Vilfo was featured on ProductHunt