Multi-layered security

Firewall, DNS leak protection & VPN killswitch are just some of the security precautions included.

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Protective measure for devices using a VPN

Usually, there's more to ensuring your privacy and security than simply connecting to your VPN provider. But not with Vilfo. Vilfo ensure all devices that connect to a VPN are fully protected.

Vilfo sets up a killswitch for you and ensure that no devices leak any DNS requests to your ISP.

The browser extension also allows you to add another layer of security - by enforcing that you can't visit certain websites without a VPN connection.

  • Killswitch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Browser extension
  • Force VPN for websites
Protect everything with Vilfo


Vilfo's firewall isolates your devices from incoming requests from the internet. We're constantly making it smarter.

  • Block incoming connections
  • UPNP disabled
  • Port forwarding required
  • Block ICMP requests

Coming soon: Isolate IoT devices

Internet of things (IoT) devices are known for their unfortunate lack of security measures. Vilfo takes that into consideration and allows you to isolate them from your other devices.

That means that your IoT devices can't reach your ordinary devices which prevents any potential hacking attempts.

  • Block incoming connections
  • UPNP disabled
  • Port forwarding required
  • Block ICMP requests
Isolate certain devices in Vilfo from others


Vilfo releases continuous updates of both the underlying operating system and additional features and improvements that we've built.

The underlying operating system that Vilfo run is OpenWrt, an open source system that's fully customizable, powered by a Linux kernel ‚Äčthat's more recent than most other distributions.

  • OpenWrt - Open source
  • Regular updates
  • Free updates
  • Test driven development


Vilfo supports WPA and WPA2. WPA3 will be included when it's officially supported in OpenWrt and we've tested the stability.

Isolate your guest's devices from your ordinary devices by setting up a guest network.

  • WPA & WPA2 encryption
  • Coming soon: WPA3
  • Possibility to disable wireless
  • Coming soon: Guest network
Wireless secure coverage with Vilfo
Vilfo VPN server

Access your home network from anywhere

You can run your own VPN server on Vilfo which allows you to securely access your home network from anywhere in the world.

Access your IP cameras, IoT devices or NAS securely without having to expose them to the internet and hackers.

  • AES encryption
  • Unlimited VPN users