Vilfo is the perfect VPN router for Flashback VPN

Vilfo is a VPN router that automatically secures all devices in your home and is powerful enough to encrypt traffic up to 600 Mbit/s.

Surf anonymously with Flashback's VPN service.

Order Vilfo for $379
VAT will be added for EU customers

Why Vilfo?


Multiple VPN connections

Connect ten VPN connections simultaneously in Vilfo and control which devices should be using which VPN.

No installation necessary on any devices in your network.

Experience a fast internet

Ordinary routers aren't built for VPN connections and as a result limits your internet speed drastically. Vilfo is different.

Vilfo enables you to stay secure online while still reaching speeds up to 600 Mbit/s.

Full network control

Devices have rich lives. They do far more than go online and offline. Now you can finally know what else they're doing.

Vilfo provides real-time as well as historic information for every single device.

Flashback VPN is integrated

Say goodbye to configuration files and a time consuming setup process. Using Flashback VPN in Vilfo is super easy.

Flashback VPN's server lists are updated daily to make sure you have access to all of their available regions.

Why set up VPN on a router?

Having a VPN router is a clever, quick and comfortable way to ensure that every device in the network is secured.

  • Protect as many devices as you want
  • Saves time
  • Protect devices that normally don't have VPN support
  • Never forget to connect
  • Access your home network from anywhere
  • Use split tunneling

Learn why you should use a VPN router

Vilfo - the only VPN router worthy its name

1 regions in 1 countries

Activating Flashback VPN

One click away

Configuration files are a thing of the past. Using Flashback VPN in Vilfo is super easy. Just enter your credentials, and you're good to go.

Connect to any of the 1 regions in 1 countries.