Know what happens in your network

Get push notifications on important events, see real-time bandwidth, event history as well as historic bandwidth usage for every device.

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Push notifications

Receive instant alerts to key events in your network.

Independent of where you are - you can still have full insight.


Event history

Devices have rich lives. They do far more than go online and offline.

Now you can finally see what each device has lived through.


Real-time bandwidth

Vilfo collects and displays real-time bandwidth for all devices.

You can finally see how IoT units or devices actually use your network.


Email notifications

Don't want to use Pushover? That's fine. Vilfo supports email too.

By using email notifications and IFTTT, anything is possible.

Real-time bandwidth

Besides seeing real-time bandwidth on a device, you can also see how much bandwidth all devices in a group consume - in real-time, independent of VPN provider.



Vilfo supports multiple notification channels and events. Activating a notification is as easy as a click.

More channels and events are constantly being added. With Vilfo, you can truly know what happens in your network.

Event history

Besides notifications, Vilfo also stores an event log.

Events are actions related to what happens to a device - mostly through Vilfo's admin interface but also through the browser extension

Some events are:

  • Online/offline status updates
  • Parental control rules
  • Bypass websites
  • Moved to groups
  • IP changes
  • Internet access blocked

Device summary

Vilfo's dashboard contains a plethora of charts to provide additional insights into your network.