The Vilfo extension makes your life easier

Empower your devices. Allow them to force VPN usage and bypass specific domains. Available for Chrome, Firefox & Vivaldi.

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Vilfo - the only VPN router worthy its name

Bypass specific websites

Some websites rigorously block IP addresses that VPN providers use.

This requires people to disconnect from their VPN provider just to access those websites, meaning all other traffic is also left unprotected.

Vilfo offers a better solution. Using Vilfo's browser extension you can decide exactly which websites should be unprotected - while still protecting everything else.


Force VPN

Make sure you don't visit websites without being connected to your VPN provider. By forcing VPN for a website, all requests to that website will be blocked unless you're connected to a VPN.

If you attempt to visit a website that you've decided to force, but you're not connected to a VPN tunnel, the request will be blocked before it is sent.

You'll also be greeted by a dangerous-looking bear.